Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holy Qur'an

Say, even if the ocean were ink

For (writing) the words of my Lord'

The ocean would be exhausted

Before the words of my Lord were exhausted

Even if We were to add another ocean to it.


"Now for fifty drams of ink", explained Rumi, "one can write out the whole Qur'an. This is but a symbol of God's knowledge; it is not the whole of his knowledge. If a druggist put a pinch of medicine in a piece of paper, would you be so foolish as to say that the whole of the drugstore is in this paper? In the time of Moses, Jesus and others, the Qur'an existed; that is God's word existed; it simply wasn't in Arabic.

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  1. Does man get whatever he hankers for?

    No, all that has gone before and all that comes after

    Belongs only to the Lord of Life, to God!